What does this mean for our customers? 
It means they benefit from the collective knowledge of the entire CR Forge family through each phase of their project. We don’t take shortcuts, and the sense of pride and ownership we all feel shows in the final product.

CR Forge founder Chris Ellesson comes from a long line of craftsmen, including his great-grandfather and grandfather who were carpenters.  His father Carl, a metalworker since the 1960s, taught him the trade nearly thirty years ago.  Chris launched the business in the early 90s as CJ Ellesson Company, and the name changed to CR Forge in 2005.

The CR Forge “family” includes its employees, a small group of highly-skilled artisans who share Chris’ passion for excellence and a commitment to producing metalwork of only the highest quality. There are no titles at CR Forge. Every family member is responsible for each aspect of the work we do, and every person’s input is valued. Employees don’t work for Chris, they work with Chris. So, they stay with us a long time – long enough to get really good at what they do.